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More examples of my work:

Berlin & London Start-ups
Two highly innovative start-up tech businesses talk about how they are disrupting their sectors - enabled by Cisco platforms.

Produced by Cisco
Co-directed and Edited by Alistair Briggs


A short, funky promo to demonstrate how this outstanding anti-slip surface blows the opposition away.

Produced by Hound Dog Films
Co-directed and Edited by Alistair Briggs


SSE Wind Farm

A film explaining how SSE have developed a world leading wind flow modelling approach using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics!).

Produced by VPI Digital

Directed by Alistair Briggs

Finding a Way to Contented Dementia (promo cut)
The film documents the experiences of a number of people who became 'accidental' carers of a loved one suffering from dementia - who were helped greatly by the dementia charity The Contented Dementia Trust (formally SPECAL).

Directed & Edited by Alistair Briggs

Action for Children Fundraiser
The film was made to inspire people attending the annual Action for Children fund-raising event to dig deep and give generously to the charity.

Produced by Hound Dog Films
Written, Co-Directed, Filmed & Edited by Alistair Briggs


Listen, Act.
Office of the Children's Commissioner.
A group of young people create poetry & art that reflected their experiences of the Justice system & talk candidly about how adults within the wider justice system should listen to & behave towards vulnerable young people.


Produced by Topspin
Filmed, Directed & Edited by Alistair Briggs


Range Rover 06
Produced for the 2006 Range Rover Dealer Experience event, held in Sitges, Spain, introducing the concepts and features of the car. The Dealers, who were flown in from around the world, watched the videos in-flight, prior to their arrival in Spain.

Written & Directed by Alistair Briggs


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